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Color Consultations

We Make Choosing Color Easy! Color is the most crucial part of the design and staging process. The window treatments may be wonderful, the furniture fabulous, and the décor delicious. But if the color isn’t right, the room will be a flop. Trying to select color can be...

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors are an important part of decorating a home.  The first determination is how it will be used...to reflect light or needed functionality in a bathroom.  After all, we need a mirror to brush our hair, tweeze our eyebrows and apply our face cream. Here's a few...

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It’s All About You

The trends often dictate the way our homes look.  In fact, let's be honest, we are never really done decorating our homes.  Our style evolves, our tastes change and hopefully, our budget allows us to take our home to new levels. Whatever the trends, it all begins with...

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Stripes and Prints and Geometrics… Oh My!

Fabrics often define a room’s personality.  As you see i the recent project for one of my clients, the motif or pattern tells you if the room is French Country or Transitional.  They can be the jumping off point for a room’s color story. Patterns, like color, need...

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Creating Vertical Balance

Take a minute, look around, did you buy the furniture, maybe hang some art and then stopped there?  Window treatments are the most neglected piece of the design puzzle and yet add so much dimension to a room.  They also add the perception of size as they bring the eye...

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Why Hunter Douglas?

We Love Hunter Douglas, The Masters Of The Art Of Window Dressing™ Face it, dressing your windows can seem overwhelming. Our go-to company is Hunter Douglas, offering a variety of resources to help you choose the right solution for your home. Well-designed window...

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2016 Kitchen Decorating Trends

Kitchens… the heart of the home. If you have a houseful of company, chances are most of them have gathered in the kitchen.   Let’s talk about just a few of the trends headed our way in 2016-2017.     Stainless Appliances are Waning-After years of...

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A Common Thread

An easy way to add personality to a room is with the fabric patterns.  They help define a room and its style.  An easy way to mix fabrics is to use the same patterns in different colorways… keep the color intensity similar and it will work every time. These Ikat...

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Create Vertical Balance

A room is much more than the floor area and yet, that is often where many of us stop. We buy the furniture, add the lamps and maybe a small piece of art, hung on a nail that was already in the wall. (we have seen it done) The beauty of a room goes from floor to...

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