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Melanie Murphy Interiors’ Top Five Design Mistakes #1

Hi, I’m Melanie Murphy of Melanie Murphy Interiors serving the Greater Boston area. I love creating beautiful rooms and have been doing so for over a decade. As one of North Reading, MA, top Interior Decorators, I love to help my clients understand the principles of good design.  After all, a room is much more than the stuff that is in it.  You need to blend functionality, aesthetics and the personality of the people who live there.  Understanding and correcting design mistakes can take a room from drab to fab! That is exactly what a good decorator can do for you.  Whether you live in North Reading or Boston, MA or Denver, Colorado…good design is good design.

In that vein, I hope you enjoy our upcoming series, Top Five Design Mistakes, featuring an expanded countdown of the top five mistakes people often make when decorating their home. If you would like a report with a quick overview of all five, simply click here to add your email for an immediate download. Let’s work our way down from #5.

Design Mistake #5- Improper Furniture Placement-A common design mistake is the simple art and science of furniture placement.  Decorating a room begins at the floor level.  Here are a few placement quick tips to make sure you don’t make a design mistake when arranging your room.

  1. Identify the Room Shape. There are five basic room shapes and each lends itself to certain furniture arrangements.
  2. One Angle Needs Another. If your room has a pre-existing angle with a corner fireplace, angled wall or even a flooring transition on an angle, then your largest piece of furniture should create balance.
  3. Establish the Focal Point. Take a moment and establish the key focal point in your space.  It may be a fireplace, view or that all important TV, whatever it is, place your largest piece of furniture facing your focal point.
  4. Look at shapes…not color or pattern.  A sofa is a rectangle, a chair a square and so on.  Build your room by identifying the best placement for your shapes.  Now continue building the room by working your way down in size with upholstery, then come back with the placement of your wood pieces.

Placement is the most important component of a well designed room…get yours right!

Are you in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts Area?  Need help space planning or arranging your room?  Call Melanie at Melanie Murphy Interiors at 617-548-1646 or email us at melanie@melaniemurphyinteriors.com.