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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors are an important part of decorating a home.  The first determination is how it will be used…to reflect light or needed functionality in a bathroom.  After all, we need a mirror to brush our hair, tweeze our eyebrows and apply our face cream. Here’s a few tips for choosing a bathroom mirror.
  • Framed, unframed or custom framed mirror? Framed mirrors are easy to hang and add a degree of polish to the room. On the other hand, unframed mirrors add a dramatic “floating” effect, and can be affixed to the wall without bulky hardware. A custom mirror allows the most flexibility because you can select the frame and glass separately.
  • Length and height-. A good rule is to make the mirror two to four inches smaller than the vanity. A bathroom mirror should be no taller than your vanity and placed at least 4 to 6 inches from the ceiling. If lighting is located directly above the mirror space then factor it into the height of your mirror. Measure twice…shop once.
  • Look for Options! Mirrors with hardwired built in lighting that provide an extra glow.  Plus, vanity cabinets with mirrored fronts or sunken cabinets that are invisible when closed, combining both form and function.
  • Safety-If you are choosing a mirror for a child’s bathroom, choose one made of safety glass. 

Remember, at Melanie Murphy Interiors,, we work with you to make your home an inviting and comfortable place that reflects your lifestyle, taste and budget. If you are looking to add something new to your living space we can help create a coherent approach that will make your home a comfortable and pleasurable space in which to live and entertain.