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Stripes and Prints and Geometrics… Oh My!

Fabrics often define a room’s personality.  As you see i the recent project for one of my clients, the motif or pattern tells you if the room is French Country or Transitional.  They can be the jumping off point for a room’s color story. Patterns, like color, need companions that complete…not compete. Just like a good friend, they should bring out the best in one another. Here is industry guru’s 8 step program to mixing patterns.

  1. Use 3-5 Patterns to give a room balance and personality.
  2. Select your Statement Pattern, which is typically your largest pattern.
  3. Introduce pattern 2 which is smaller scale with more negative space.
  4. Pattern 3 should add more visual interest with texture or color.
  5. Pattern 4 should be directional such as a stripe, plaid, or chevron.
  6. Bring it on home with texture or a tone on tone.
  7. Place your patterns and color story at different levels around the room for balance.
  8. Keep in mind scale and proportion.  Scale relates to the space and proportion relates to the element, i.e. is the proportion of the pattern appropriate to the chair.